Team Leader  – full time QMHP (LMHP preferred) with at least 3 years of experience who provides supervision and leadership to the service team.

Clinician(s)  – full time QMHP who will provide a variety of  services as indicated by the individualized service plan.

Nurse  – RN or LPN with experience in nursing,  possessing knowledge of individuals with serious mental illness, psychiatric medications, and mental health diagnoses to assist with psychiatric assessment, medication management, medication administration under direction of the psychiatrist and supervision of self administration of medication for program participants.

Psychiatrist  – board certified in the State of Virginia to provide program specific psychiatric services, assessments, and medication management for all program participants and psychiatric services during individual participation in the provided service program.

Service Director – full time QMHP with at least 3 years of experience who provides supervision, direction and support to the Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinator – full time QMHP with experience in working with individuals with mental illness who provides leadership to the psychiatric team.