The goal of psychiatric services is to provide quality psychiatric evaluation and medication management for individuals with mental illness and/or behavioral challenges in order to assist them in achieving the highest quality of living.

Services Provided

Psychiatric services are provided in the office setting through individual appointments and may include significant people the individual would like to have in the session.

» Individualized psychiatric evaluations to determine diagnosis, need for medications;

» Make recommendations for and referral to appropriate EMH services or to other providers as indicated;

» Crisis intervention, risk management and stabilization for individuals who are exhibiting an increase in symptoms and/or behavioral challenges;

» Medication management including prescriptions and ongoing appointments for monitoring success;

» Assistance in obtaining medication and/or refills as needed and indicated

» Educational services related to diagnosis, medications prescribed including indicated treatment, primary effects, and side effects;

» Nursing services including monitoring basic vital statistics such as weight, blood pressure, BMI, etc.;

» Recommendations for referral to other providers for follow up as indicated for reported or obvious medical symptoms that require attention of a physician or emergency care;

» Coordination with other physicians as well as with pharmacy, case management, mental health skills-building, families and other services as appropriate to assure continuity of care.

» Order and review labs for individuals in need of monitoring due to medications prescribed.

Characteristics and needs of the population served

Adults 18 years of age or older, who have a mental or emotional disorders that requires psychiatric evaluation and/or medication management to maintain recovery.