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East Mental Health of Roanoke and Rocky Mount provide a combination of skills training, plus assistance and support in activities that may include, but are not limited to:

Recovery Skills, Symptoms Management, Medication Management, Personal Health and Safety, Housing, Finding and Utilizing Benefits, Budgeting and Payee Services, Shopping and Meal Planning, Nutrition and Food Preparation, Use of Community Resources, and Interpersonal Relationships.

Services Provided:

All mental health support services are provided one-on-one with a clinician providing skills training to an individual during any activity designed to assist in meeting that individual’s skill-building needs.

» Assistance and coaching for individuals and families to identify goals and resources needed to assist in recovery from mental illness and co-occurring challenges.

» Education and consultation to individuals, families, and community related to mental illness, co-occurring substance use concerns, and community resources in order to foster an environment of recovery from mental illness and co-occurring challenges.

» Ongoing assessments to ensure services planned and delivered match the identified goals of the individual.

» Assistance to individuals and families in building necessary skills to accomplish goals.

» Training, reinforcement, and assistance activities in areas related to independent living that may include but are not limited to: independent living skills, health, safety and/or personal care, interpersonal relationships, use of community resources, money management/budgeting, accessing housing and benefits, medication management, monitoring of health, nutrition and exercise, recreational and leisure activities, functioning successfully in the community and integrated environments.

» Training and skill building in the community are enhanced by a variety of community based wellness activities including bowling, museums, picnics, hiking, etc. During such activities, each participating individual works one-on-one with a clinician who provides individualized strength-based skills training during the event.

» East Mental Health offers an array of wellness activities daily in the East Mental Health offices including tai chi, yoga, art therapy, pet therapy, journaling and writing as well as a variety of other activities specifically designed to enhance skill-building. Individuals may select from the array of wellness activities or choose to receive services outside the office. Although multiple individuals may choose to participate in the same wellness activity, thus enhancing relationship and social skills, each individual is accompanied by a clinician who provides the individualized skill-building during the activity.

Characteristics and needs of the population served:

Individuals who have significant functional limitations and have a serious mental illness receive training and/or support to living with stability in the community. Individuals with co-occurring mental retardation, and/or substance abuse problem are included.