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Crisis Stabilization Services are direct mental health services for individuals with serious mental illness who are in acute psychiatric crisis and need intervention provided in their natural environment to prevent hospitalization.  Crisis stabilization services include psychiatrist evaluation as part of the services.  Services are designed to provide high level of safety and security for crisis counseling while stabilizing the individual in crisis.

Services integrate resources for community support including the individual’s treatment team, social support and family members to play a role in a continuum of care that is designed to enhance recovery.

East Mental Health provides this service out of Roanoke and offers an outpatient option for crisis stabilization.  This program provides intensive treatment 7 days a week for up to 15 days.  Individualized treatment plans include group and individual services that are provided daily for up to 8 hours a day at the East Wellness Center setting to assist individuals in prevention of institutionalization due to symptoms of mental illness; psychiatric services are provided by a licensed psychiatrist that is board certified in the State of Virginia.


Assist in empowering and supporting individuals in managing psychiatric crisis, behavioral problems, or both, to prevent psychiatric hospitalization and help individuals stabilize in the community environment.

Services Provided

»  Face to face assessment to determine needs and develop an individualized plan

»  Psychiatric assessment (to include medication evaluation and medication management as appropriate)

»  Assistance with medication management based on specific needs of the individual

»  Nursing services as needed

»  Individual and group counseling provided in the community in which the individual lives

» Equine assisted psychotherapy as appropriate

»  Peer support

»  Home visits to assist in recovery planning and stabilization

»  Service coordination with other providers

»  Transition planning to assist with long-term recovery and crisis prevention

Characteristics and needs of the population served

Individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis that puts them at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, institutionalization, or other removal from their community setting.